About us

Software doesn’t have to be a pain point for your organization. At Coastlight Digital, we create high quality digital assets that solve problems. We value efficiency, attentiveness, and strong communication, and believe in software as a creative form of craftsmanship.

Let us help you with your next technical project, and see the difference in how we work.

Meet the Team

Trevor Sorel
Lead Designer,
Frontend Engineer

Trevor has ten years of experience as a web developer, as well as five years of experience as a software engineer in the competitive Bay Area startup scene. He has worked at agencies, in marketing departments, and for engineering orgs. Throughout his career he's developed an array of skills critical for managing projects and business communication. He lends his product vision, organizational skills, as well as expertise in software development to Coastlight Digital’s clients.

Calvin Atlan
Full-Stack Engineer

With degrees in computer science and game development, and five years experience in the tech industry, Calvin is a rockstar full-stack software engineer with a passion for backend technology. He brings his expertise to Coastlight Digital, where he builds robust APIs and databases for clients.

David M.
Contractor (Hence Art)
Logo Specialist

David is a creative expert. With a degree in graphic design, five years of industry experience, and an impressive catalog of projects, he’s ready to tackle any creative challenge thrown his way. Check out his work at henceart.com.