Our Services

Below is a list of services offered by Coastlight Digital. It’s meant to give a broad sense of our competencies and is not comprehensive.

We provide these services as needed, or end-to-end, delivering a website from concept through to implementation.

For more information, and to find out whether we’re a good fit for your project, contact us for a free consultation.

Brand consultation

From color pallets and motifs to logos and messaging, we work with clients to ensure their content resonates with the consumer.

Web design

We design beautiful websites for clients using Adobe XD, a tool that enables easy sharing and collaboration.

Web development

We turn beautiful designs into pixel-perfect website. Our sites are built to be robust, SEO friendly, lightweight, and responsive.

CMS implementation

We offer CMS implementation with Forestry.io, enabling clients to take content updates into their own hands.

Static Hosting

We host content using Netlify, a powerful static hosting service than ensures clients’ websites are fast and secure.

Inbound Marketing Consultation

We provide consultation for optimizing user traffic through inbound marketing techniques.